Assistant Superintendent

Director of Personnel/Director of CTE/

Secondary Supervisor

Director of Personnel

Secondary Supervisor

Director of Career and Technology Programs

Coordinator Business Partnerships

Teacher and Administrator Evaluations Coordinator

Dual Enrollment Contact

Vocational Adult Education Contact

Governors Academy Coordinator

Parental Complaints Contact - Secondary

Teacher Licensure/Certification/Recertification Contact

IPAL and Data Reporting Coordinator

Contact for college student placements/student teaching

Substitute Employee In-Service

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Director of Federal Programs/Gifted/

Elementary Supervisor

Federal Programs, Title I, IIA, III, IV, Rural Ed Director

Title I Director – Grades Pre-K – 7

Elementary Supervisor

Pre-K Coordinator

Title Neglected/Delinquent Contact Coordinator

Curriculum – Grades Pre-K – 7 (All Areas)

Coordinator of Programs for Gifted Gr. Pre-K – 12

Coordination and Implementation of PALS (Pre-K-3)

Division Homeless Liaison

Coordinator of Competitions:  County Forensics, Elementary County Science Fair, County Spelling Bee, County Art Contest,  Natural Resources Festival, AG Day, All County Chorus

Textbooks (Adoption/Distribution) Coordinator

Parental Complaints Contact - Elementary

Virginia Pre-K Initiative

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Director of Special Education

Special Education Administration

Special Education Teacher Supervision

Special Education Annual Plan Coordinator

Data Collection and Analysis for SPED Programs

Director of 21st Century Grant Programs

Parental Complaints Contact – Special Education

Completes Reports:  Foster Care Reimbursement,  

Indicators for Special Education, PACE and Supply/Demand Report

IEP Issues/IEP Online/Eligibility Coordinator

Staff Development Coordinator – Special Education

Transition Specialist for Special Education Students

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Director of Curriculum and Instruction

K-12 Data Specialist

Teacher Professional Development

School Improvement

Mentor Teaching Program

New Teacher Orientation

Coordinates August In-Service

Summer School Program

Remediation Coordinator

Health & PE/Driver’s Ed/Fine Arts/Librarians/Guidance/Foreign Language

K-12 Curriculum

ITRT Program

Curriculum/Pacing Guides – K-12

Key Instructional Leaders Meetings

Chromebook Initiative

School Calendar Contact

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Director of Maintenance and Transportation

Maintenance of Buildings and Grounds

Supervisor of Operational Maintenance

Insurance Contact

Literary and Public School Authority Loans Contact

Architects and Buildings Contact

Use of Facilities Coordinator

Hazardous Materials Coordinator

Wage and Hour Law Contact

Workman’s Compensation Contact

Renovations and New Projects Coordinator

Americans with Disabilities Act Contact

Energy Management Coordinator

Monitoring and Managing Bus Routes and Schedules

Bus Parental Complaints Assists with 21st Century transportation

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Director of School Nutrition

Provide leadership and management functions of the RCPS food service operation in compliance with local, state, and federal requirements

Assume responsibility for reviewing applications, interviewing, and making recommendations for staffing of all food service managers and food service workers

Plan and implement training programs for school food service personnel

Direct both internal and external communications/public relations regarding school food service

Evaluate the food service managers

Provide supervision and direction for daily operation of food service with assistance of

 building administrators

Organize and direct an efficient system of purchasing equipment, food, and supplies

Develop and implement professional growth and certification activities for cafeteria staff

Develop and implement new school nutrition employee orientation

Develop and  implement on-the-job training for work scheduling, equipment use and care, food production records, safety requirements, storage, and human relations

Perform duties as assigned by the superintendent


Director of Testing and Director of Technology

Director of Technology

Director of Testing

Procurement Officer

State and Federal Reports Coordinator

On-line SOL Testing Director

Computer Technology Director

Parent Notification System Coordinator

Telephone and Voice Mail Systems Contact

Network Cabling Coordinator

Internet Access Coordinator

Policy Manual on Website Coordinator

E-rate Data and Information Coordinator

Technology Education Grant and Funds Contact

Southwest VA Public Education Tech. Consortium

Southwest VA Education and Training Network

Tyler Student Information System Coordinator

Internet Acceptable Use Policy Contact

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent


Finance Director

Employee retirement

Keeps records of early retirement incentive choices

Maintains a personnel file on all active and inactive employees

Prepares contracts for all personnel

Assists with financial operation of the school division

Accurately completes numerous state and locally required reports

Prepares documents to facilitate the annual audit of the Board’s financial records by a contracted certified public accountant

Oversees Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Completes reports for the Virginia Employment Commission

Is responsible for overall direction, coordination, and evaluation of finances

Participates with county and state organizations in preparation and maintenance of the budget

Directs financial affairs with responsibility for purchasing, accounts payable and receivable, auditing, payroll, and finance reporting

Prepares reports requested by the Superintendent and School Board for school board meeting

Ensures integrity and reliability of district’s financial systems

Prepares the annual budget

Oversees Health Insurance, Wage & Hour Law, Worker’s Compensation, and Americans with Disabilities Act

Ensures compliance with federal, state, and local board Policies and procedures

Performs other duties as assigned by the Superintendent

School Board Clerk

Attends all school board meetings and any special and/or committee meetings unless otherwise directed

Preparing minutes for Board Agendas/Meetings

Completing on-line registrations for Board Conferences/Meetings

Keeps, in a bound volume, a permanent record of all proceedings of the Board and makes these minutes available to whoever might need them

Verifies all statements for payment after the audit by the Board per VSBA regulations

Acts as custodian of the official seal of the Board

Responsible for Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  requests for division

Attends VSBA School Board Clerk meetings


Director of Emergency Management and School

Safety/Coordinator of School Nurses

Emergency Plans and Activities Coordinator

Threat Assessment, Crisis Intervention Coordinator

Evaluation of Crisis Plans Coordinator

Coordinator of Nursing Staff

Safety Audit Coordinator

First Aid/CPR/OSHA Contact

Blood Bourne Pathogens Contact/Coordinator

Health Services Coordinator

Approve Nursing Purchases and Activities

Bullying Coordinator

Update Policy Manual Coordinator

County Elementary Field Day Coordinator

Fair Day Coordinator

Safe and Drug-Free Schools Coordinator

DARE Contact

Parental Complaints

Russell County Administrative Procedures Contact

Homebound/Home Schooling Coordinator

Religious Exemption Contact

Contact for Child Abuse Reporting

Title IX and Sexual  Harassment Contact

504 Coordinator

Safe Schools Coordinator

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent