Payroll Manager/Assistant to Finance Director

Payroll Manager

Retirement Data and Information Coordinator

Receipts – Payable Contact

Family Medical Leave Data Contact

Annual School Report Coordinator

Maintains Personnel Records

Food Service Bookkeeping Contact

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent and/or Supervisors


Accounts Payable Clerk

Accounts Payable Clerk

Title I Bookkeeping Clerk

Workers’ Compensation Claims Contact

Management of Hospitalization Insurance-Contact (Retiree Hospitalization Insurance)

Bookkeeper for Textbook Account

Maintains Personnel Records

Assists Administrator with Health Ins. Program

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent and/or Supervisors


Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

Clerical duties for superintendent/supervisors

School Board meeting agendas and information packets

Preparation of Principals’ meetings: Data/Packets

Notice of Vacancies Contact

Assists Personnel Director in Talent Ed Recruit & Hire

Maintains Purchase Order Program

Processes Purchase Orders

Special Bills Contact for Reimbursements

Reimbursements for Rural Ed., Title IIA, Title III, Title VI-B, JAG and 21st Century

Family Medical Leave Forms/Letters Contact

Food Services Accounts Payable Contact

Academic Calendar Coordinator

Maintains Central Office memo book

Coordinator of Delivery Services

Other duties as assigned by Superintendent and/or Supervisors



Receives and transfers incoming calls

Assists staff with typing memos, rosters, etc.

Types purchase orders for fuel, technology, etc.

Prepares substitute time cards

Prepares bill lists and type bill heads for accounts payable

Maintains and creates forms as needed

Creates and prints certificates for DARE, AIMS Scholars, Board Awards, etc.

Creates and prints programs for County Competitions, luncheons, etc.

Creates and maintains masters for printing of school materials

Maintains record of long distance/cell phone usage

Maintains records of fuel usage

Orders office supplies

Maintains record of DSS/Fingerprinting background checks for all employees

Creates and maintains personnel folders for all substitutes

Opens, date and time stamp/sort U.S. mail

Creates and maintains folders for school volunteers

Contact person for summer student workers

Any clerical duties assigned by Superintendent and/or Supervisors


Medicaid Coordinator/ AESOP Coordinator/Secretary

Answers phone/Greets visitors

Processes travel reimbursements/teacher and professional conference
    approvals/vacation requests

Logs county car distributions

Reconciles Central Office absences

Processes aides/secretaries time cards

Prepares and submits Medicaid claims for billable health services

Collects monthly service logs from all providers, including OT, PT, nursing, speech,
    and transportation providers

Monitors billable health services provided by all qualified district health care providers

Tracks certifications and licenses of school health providers

Gathers and tracks permission to participate and release of information for Medicaid
     eligible students

Maintains database to track all providers, caseloads, students, and Medicaid billable
     health services

Reconciles weekly Medicaid remittance statements and acceptance/rejection reports
     from state Medicaid office

Maintains files on all Medicaid recipient students receiving special services

Prepares and submits quarterly administrative claims

Assists with/submits yearly cost reports and self-audit reports

Completes yearly internal Medicaid audits on all student files

AESOP Coordinator

Other duties as assigned by Supervisors/Superintendent


Special Education Secretary

 Record-keeping of referrals, evaluations, re-evaluations, eligibility meetings, IEP’s, 
      Special Education teachers’ schedules and class rolls, exits, and Special Education
Committee meetings

Psychological Reports-Contact

Computer programs for Special Education Students and computer generated report contact

Any clerical duties assigned by supervisors


Division Courier / Custodian Central Office Area 

Delivers and picks up school mail from all schools

Delivers and picks up U.S. mail from post office

Laminates materials as needed for schools/administration

Collects and records lamination fees

Prints instructional materials and forms as needed by schools and administration

Cleans and maintains School Board Office