Central Office - Other

School Psychologist

Coordinates and administers psychological testing for all Students

Coordinates all Early Intervention Programs, including Head Start, Cumberland Mountain Early Intervention, and Pre-School

Serves as FAPT and Head Start Representative

Interprets professional services provided in order to ensure realistic pictures of what psychological services entail

Uses clinical instruments to diagnose intellectual and behavioral problems of individual children within the school setting

Communicates the findings and recommendations in language readily understood by the school staff

Functions as a voting member of the Eligibility Committee

Provides both group and individual counseling services for those students that require them

Is obligated to ascertain that certain psycho-educational information reaches responsible and authorized persons and is adequately interpreted for their use in helping the student

Other duties as assigned by the Special Education Director or the Superintendent


Social Worker

Provides psychological assessments to determine the social, emotional, behavioral needs of students for pinpointing the source of school or parental concerns

Conducts formal and informal assessments

Collects and records information to share with appropriate personnel

Initiates and attends parent conferences as needed

Conducts interviews needed for the IEP meeting

Reviews student records

Observes students in various environments when Appropriate

Obtains medical, social, or educational information about a referred student from community agencies

Serves on FAPT/multidisciplinary team to address need of students with or without disabilities to assure implementation of appropriate services, programming and/or placement

Shares appropriate family, cultural, social, economic and developmental information

Assists in the development of intervention strategies to meet individual social and emotional learning needs

Shares in the decisions regarding placement and services for children

Provides consultation to administrators and teachers on broad areas of mental health

Consults with staff and teachers on student needs

Assists teachers on strategies of student’s needs and classroom management

Consults with administrators with issues related to IDEA

Consults with parents regarding ways they can help their child become more successful in school

Makes provision to be available to parents for education-related purposes

Confers with parents concerning their feeling about special education services/placements; assists them at multi-disciplinary conferences

Provides crisis intervention services

Participates as a member of the crisis response team

Helps with students dealing with any kind of emotional trauma

Locates resources for meeting student and family needs

Provides casework to students as needed

Counsels with students and families as appropriate

Maintains appropriate certifications and licenses

Performs other responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent