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Message from the Superintendent

Welcome and thank you for choosing to visit Russell County Public Schools’ website!  I am very pleased to share with you that our students are diligently working to perform at an outstanding level of achievement this school year.  Also, many of our students and teachers are surpassing the required objectives and requirements set forth in both the Virginia Standards of Learning and federal Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO’s) legislation. We are fortunate to have School Board members who always place students first.  The Board sends its best wishes for a positive, productive school year.

We believe we should strive for quality performance at all levels of the organization, and we must keep our focus on what is best for students as we continually seek to improve. Our school district is located in southwestern Virginia, commonly recognized as the “heart of Southwest Virginia,” and features a strong partnership program with business and industry, interactive distance learning, an alternative school, a comprehensive adult education program, psycho-educational services, and a commitment to the Virginia Standards of Learning at all levels.

The Russell County Public School system serves approximately 3,900 students in pre-kindergarten through the twelfth grade. There are four primary schools, six elementary schools, one middle school, three high schools, an alternative school, and a career and technology center. The service area of the school district is Russell County with a population of approximately 29,000.

I am looking forward to this school year.  I always welcome your suggestions, and I need to hear your concerns.  Together we can make a positive impact on the lives of our students.
As Superintendent, my goal is to provide leadership for Russell County Schools to ensure our children continue to achieve educational excellence as well as to
be fully prepared to take their place in the 21st Century.

I hope you find this website helpful.  As we continue to improve and update information on this site, I would ask for your patience. Any questions or comments may be directed to me by clicking here.



Brenda F. Hess, Ed.D.

Division Superintendent

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Congratulations to the 2014 Russell County Forensics Winners!

3rd Grade 

           4th Grade                    

5th Grade 

6th Grade 

 7th Grade

 Original Poetry

Original Poetry 

Original Poetry 

Original Poetry 

 Original Poetry

1st - Valeigh Stevens

 1st - Holly Hess

 1st - Cassidy Fleming

 1st - Kacey Rpark

1st - Desirea Ayers

2nd - Shane Bentley 

 2nd - Steel Monk

 2nd - Josie McGlothlin

 2nd - Gavin Monk

2nd - Haley Mullins

3rd - Seretta Hunt 

 3rd - Tristan Fuller

 3rd - Mary Looney &
Abigail Yates (tie)

 3rd - Abby Hurt

3rd - Daniel Perkins

Original Prose 

Original Prose 

Original Prose 

Original Prose 

Original Prose 

1st -  Emily Taylor

 1st - Cassie Adkins

 1st - Abbie Whaley

 1st - Mackenzie Maxfield

 1st - Alex Joyce

2nd-  Lexi Ray

 2nd - Rachel Whited

 2nd - Madison Marchant

 2nd - Emma Barton

 2nd - Rilee Barnette

3rd-  Rayelea Santolla

 3rd - Kristen Hess

 3rd - Allyson Burke

 3rd - Charlee Long

 3rd - Alyssa Howard

Oral Interpretation of Poetry

 Oral Interpretation of Poetry

 Oral Interpretation of Poetry

 Oral Interpretation of Poetry

 Oral Interpretation of Poetry

1st - Carter Dillon

1st -  Paul Vencill

 1st -  Cheyenne Roberts

 1st - Allie Lowe

 1st - Madison Steele

2nd - Shay Phillips

2nd - Haleigh Hicks

 2nd - Marissa Dye

 2nd - Chloe Mullins

 2nd - Cheyenne Glymph

3rd - Takenya Brown

3rd - Gavin Whitt

 3rd - Cameron Hamm

 3rd - Brett White

 3rd - Issac Richardson

 Oral Interpretation of Prose

 Oral Interpretation of Prose

 Oral Interpretation of Prose

 Oral Interpretation of Prose

 Oral Interpretation of Prose

1st - Emmitt Breeding

1st -  Nicholas Dye

 1st - Makenna Miller

 1st -  Robert Bundy

 1st -  David Ashby

2nd - Ryan Smith

2nd - Madison Hamm & 
 Logan Dye (tie)

 2nd - Lauren Johnson

 2nd - Hallie Hilton

 2nd - Skylar Roberson

3rd - Lilly Lester

3rd - Chase Robinette & 
Adam Gibson (tie)

 3rd - Alex Fox

 3rd - Landon Clifton

 3rd - Jastin Hess



 Public Speaking

 Public Speaking

 Public Speaking



 1st - Layne Bush

 1st - Amber Robertson

1st - Shiloh Lyttle



 2nd - Isaac Perkins

 2nd - Dakota Hall

2nd - Chloe Haun




 3rd - Abi Bostic

3rd -  Alexis Cook

Academic Calendar for Russell County Public Schools

Russell County School Board