Central Office Staff

Central Office Organization Chart

Dr. Kimberly Hooker, Division Superintendent

Angie Farmer

Director of Personnel/Director of Special Education/Director of 21st Century Learning Grants

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Rita Street

Director of Federal Programs/Gifted/Elementary Supervisor

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Georgia McCoy

Director of School Nutrition/Supervisor of Teacher Licensure and Evaluations

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Lila Jenkins

Director of Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Supervisor

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Cathy Gent

Director of Emergency Management & School Safety/Coordinator of School Nurses

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Tim Lovelace

Director of Maintenance/Director of Technology

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Greg Mullins

Director of Testing/CTE Supervisor

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Brooke Webb

Finance Director

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Alexis Carson Perkins

School Psychologist

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Russell Williams

Social Worker

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Chad Davis

Truancy Officer/Virtual Academy Coordinator

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Susan Barton

Payroll Manager

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Susan Vance

Accounts Payable Clerk

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Glenda Kiser

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent

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Nova Proffitt

Administrative Assistant

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Kim Statzer

School Nutrition Administrative Assistant/AESOP Coordinator

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Jennifer Nunley

Special Education Administrative Assistant/Medicaid Coordinator

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Peggy Vance

Mail Courier/Custodian

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