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Gifted learners come to school with unique combinations of abilities and talents, learning rates, and styles. Ultimately, the push to strengthen the education of students with outstanding talents is a drive toward excellence for all students. Meeting the needs of the gifted and talented should increase the achievement level for all students.

Identification of gifts and talents occurs as an ongoing process extending from Pre-K through grade 12. No one indicator (such as, test score or teacher recommendation) should be sufficient to exclude a child from needed services. On the other hand, one indicator should be sufficient for further consideration of an educational review to determine whether a student is gifted.

Needs assessments give educators the means to gather information about the instructional needs of their students. Teachers, counselors, and administrators need to understand that gifted learners are affected by the same developmental factors as their classmates; however, because of their unusual abilities, they may encounter social and emotional issues not faced by other students.

The purpose of identification is to meet the educational needs of an undeserved population of students. By meeting these unique needs, most gifted learners demonstrate multiple talents of a high order. We create opportunities to solve tomorrow's complex problems. By meeting the needs of these students, we are preparing them to be effective citizens in an ever-changing world.

Mrs. Rita Street

Director of Federal Programs/Title I Elementary Supervisor

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