Division Superintendent

Dr. Kimberly Hooker
Russell County Superintendent

Welcome to Russell County Public Schools!

Russell County Public Schools stands fully accredited by the Virginia Department of Education and ranks 12th in the Commonwealth for overall Standards of Learning (SOL) performance. This accomplishment is through dedicated staff, students, and parents.

Russell County Public Schools is comprised of the three large communities of Honaker, Lebanon, and Castlewood. We have 3,500 students in eleven (11) schools, a Career and Technical Education Center and an Alternative Education Center.

In partnership with the Russell County Board of Supervisors, Russell County Public Schools offers the R.A.C.E. Program. RACE offers graduates the opportunity to attend Southwest Virginia Community College free-of-charge for up to two years. Russell County is one of only a few in the Commonwealth of Virginia to offer such a program.

Russell County Public Schools will expand our one-to-one initiative again for the fourth consecutive year, as students in the second and third grade will now have access or receive their own device for the 2020-2021 school year. Every student in grades two (2) and three (3) will have access to a Chromebook to take home as needed, and students in grades four (4) through twelve (12) have their own Chromebook. This summer, teachers have been heavily involved in professional development activities to best utilize these devices and enhance student learning both in a traditional setting and remotely.

In working with our Board of Supervisors, Russell County Public Schools has restored our Agriculture program at our three (3) high schools and our Career and Technical Education Center. These programs are now flourishing as students are exposed to Forestry, Animal Science, Turf Management, and other related fields. Additionally, students have the ability to secure college credit through our dual enrollment relationship with Southwest Virginia Community College and the A. Linwood Holton Governor’s School.

Through our partnership with the Board of Supervisors, employee health insurance is vastly improved for 2022. Through this partnership, we will continue to look at ways to improve benefits and salary.

In addition to our core offerings, students have a wide range of opportunities with our fine arts, clubs and organizations, and athletic programs. Come and visit our communities and our schools!